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I mentioned this before the Kotaku site went down, but thought I'd mention it again since there's been a lot of new activity since then.


For starters, the original creators of Shadowgate, David Marsh & Karl Roelofs, have started a new company called "Zojoi" (which was previously reported months ago), got the rights to all the old ICOM Simulations IPs, and are now holding a KickStarter to revive Shadowgate.

It will contain content that was never included in the original version of the game due to size constraints such as the mysterious Black Axe.


They licensed the soundtrack for the NES version of Shadowgate from Kemco and the original composer, Hiroyuki Masuno. The game will include an orchestral version of the OST, and also allow for switching to the original 8-Bit music too!

New rooms, puzzles, and traps await in this "Re-imagining" of the game, so remembering how to beat the game in previous ports won't be enough to win in this new version. This will challenge players both old and new.


They have already made more than half of their $120,000 goal with 20+ days to go.

Shadowgate is currently #3 on's Community Wishlist:

Right behind Grim Fandango in most votes earned in the past week.

I'd say that's pretty newsworthy, and if it isn't, I dunno what is. Maybe I need to get full confirmation from GOG that the old MacVentures will go up for sale via them? Hopefully they'll say yes, as I'd love to get them!

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