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I Have Never Seen "Angry Joe" Get So Angry Before!

If you are familiar with the works of "Channel Awesome", then you've probably watched shows like "Nostalgia Critic", "Atop The Fourth Wall", "Obscurus Lupa Presents", and more. One of them may also be "The Angry Joe Show", an online video game review show that has been around since 2008. Hosted by Joe Vargas (the titular Angry Joe), he has torn bad games to pieces with a verbose vocabulary and a torrent of swear words. But he doesn't just criticize bad games themselves, but also bad business practices which piss him off more than just about anything else.

And yesterday, Microsoft's Xbox One made him angrier than I think I have ever seen him before.

He had been up for over 24 hours working on another project and was about to go to sleep when the Xbox One Presentation was about to come on. He decided to stay up long enough to watch the presentation; a decision he quickly regretted.

This is Angry Joe's "Angry Rant" where he comes out of character and speaks his mind without attempting to be funny or entertaining like he usually is when in character for his "Angry Reviews". This isn't "faked" anger here for entertainment, but actual disgust and frustration. Check it out (Warning: NSFW for Language)

If you've never seen the Angry Joe Show before, do yourself a favor and check them out sometime. If you like shows like "Jimquisition", "Zero Punctuation", "Sessler Speaks" (formerly "Sessler's Soapbox"), then you'll enjoy the "Angry Joe Show".

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